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**We build automated Amazon stores for our clients**

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100% Done For You Amazon Automation Business

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Thank you so much! Your customer service and prompt replies made this an easy decision. The growing business and incredible ROI is the icing on the cake!! I'll be sending family and friends your way!

Stacy W. - Columbia, MO

Ecom Automation is the best investment I have ever made! I’m an Amazon business owner and utilize Ecom Automation to manage my businesses day to day. My plan is to retire at the end of the year and I have Ecom Automation to thank for that! Thank you!!

Bill M. – Phoenix, AZ


Build an Amazon Store That Makes Sales Every Single Day and Creates the Freedom You Desire

“KIRK! I just want more sales and to get my time back”
I got you!


No one has more proprietary data than AMAZON & Ecom Automation Gurus, and its loyal clients, on the best ways to convert your AMAZON STORE traffic into paying customers and clients. Get access to the equivalent of a full-time split-testing team to find out the very best strategies and tactics that will multiply the number of people who visit your AMAZON store AND buy.

scaling Your Business

We pride ourselves in taking an Amazon Seller Central account (old accounts are even better) and growing/scaling YOUR very own FBA and/or Drop shipping business. You can watch your business go from $0 to over $100k per month in sales without even lifting a finger.


Your search for the BEST Fully Automated Amazon Income System For Serious Business Owners, Ends Here!



100% Done For You e-Commerce Businesses, It’s easy to become a slave to your business, but EAG clients have access to a full-time staff to help ease your workload and give you the freedom to build your business and escape the grind of doing daily tasks.


Clients have our team leverage our proprietary e-Commerce systematic strategies and tools that we use to grow your store, hands off, by simply letting us hop in the drivers seat and put your business on “auto pilot”, or at least that’s what it will look like to you. 

Meet The Founder

Hey guys my name is Kirk Cooper and I’m a former high school teacher in Colorado.

That’s right! FORMER! I didn’t leave because I hated teaching. I actually enjoy sharing my knowledge and playing even a small part in the development of well rounded, successful human beings. However, it didn’t matter if I was the world’s greatest teacher/ coach, I was still paid what the chart said I should be paid. This has always been a tough pill to swallow for me. So for the past 8 years, I continued to put everything I had into being the best teacher, the best coach, the best role model I could possibly be for my students...

Real Clients, Real Results.

ECOM AUTOMATION makes this possible!
Let us show you how!
Documentation Beats Conversation


Six Reasons To Why You Can Count On Us

When we say we do it all, we really mean it! Once your account is all set and ready to launch, our services entail:


Product Research & Listings

We help you analyze current market trends in order to choose winning items that generate high sales. This is in a bid to search for products that you can get at cheap prices and resell for competitive prices with a good profit margin in return.


Inventory Management

We provide both FBA (Fulfilment by AMAZON) and your standard Arbitrage (Dropshipping Model). There are three ways Amazon inventory is managed: Lean Inventory Management, Vendor Inventory Management, and Warehouse Management. We help set up the best strategy to grow your store based on your needs and goals.


Order Processing & Returns

Our customers love to leverage AMAZON with an easy ordering process, paired with flexible returns (when needed). This is what we will help you achieve. Do what you do best and delegate the rest. In this case, we run the show so you can just sit back, relax and collect your profits.



Our dedicated team of AMAZON Experts help to track your customers' orders until it gets to them.
This way they can monitor the goods they ordered themselves. We have a full support staff available 24/7 so you don't miss a piece of the action and everybody wins.



Your customer service can either make or break your business. We will help to ensure that you maximize the relationship you have with your customers. We would also push to consistently follow up on customer feedback and make amends when need be. We will leverage the stores rating to build more trust and sales to your store.



Our dedicated team will hold meetings with you to create goals all based on metrics. We will help you invest and/or finance your store, so we can sell more products on your behalf and get to higher profit margins. Six to Multiple Six Figure sales per month (based on client capital) is our standard and we set the bar high when it's time to scale!

Together, We Will 10X the Size And Value Of Your Ecom Automation Business

**We build automated Amazon stores for our clients**

Show Me the Free Amazon Training!

100% Done For You Amazon Automation Business

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