How Did We Get Here?

The Untold Story

The History of

ecom automation gurus

by Kirk Cooper your 'EcomGuru'

Hey guys my name is Kirk Cooper and I’m a former high school teacher in Colorado.

That’s right!
FORMER! I didn’t leave because I hated teaching. I actually enjoy sharing my knowledge and playing even a small part in the development of well rounded, successful human beings. However, it didn’t matter if I was the world’s greatest teacher/ coach, I was still paid what the chart said I should be paid. This has always been a tough pill to swallow for me. So for 9 years I continued to put everything I had into being the best teacher, the best coach, the best role model       I could possibly be for my students…

Back in 2013 I purchased my first house and made some basic upgrades/ repairs and sold the house for a sizable profit, leading to some other profitable real estate (single family) transactions.

It was the spring of 2013 that I started dabbling in the Amazon industry.

After long days of teaching, that trickled into my evenings coaching (and even doing all the extra game help and additional pay opportunities at the school), I didn’t get to spend the time I wanted with my one year old and my wife (she was expecting our 2nd little boy at the end of the summer).

I just felt like I was caught up in the rat race! I was tired of trading so much of my time for an hourly dollar value. I was trading time for money

Sound familiar?



Life Is All About Choices, I had two options at this point:
1) Suck it up and continue to limit my income by the set amount of hours in the day… or

2) Stop listening to people who have never done what I wanted to do… Ahha!

Moment of Epiphany

It was then that I committed myself to something that I knew would continue to
grow each year, thus allowing me to grow with it. 


My store at about $45-$50k (sales) in a month

Amazon! I wrestled with the FBA gig for some time, before realizing there was a bigger and better way to create income on this platform. I struck gold and was running my store at about $45-$50k (sales) in a month. (making way more than I could've ever imagined as a HS Teacher)

Not bad for 3 hours a night and not giving this any attention during the day, right?

That’s when I began looking for the right person to help monitor and run my store. After a handful of interviews via Skype, I landed on a gentleman and his 5 buddies running their own virtual assistant service. #leverage

They agreed to meet with me 3 nights a week and allow me to train them in the retail arbitrage business model.

I quickly started seeing substantial growth and it wasn’t even a couple months before my store cracked the $100k in sales for a month! I had made just shy of $10,000.00 (net profit) that month as well! WITH NO INVENTORY INVESTED. Amazing what you can do with constant supervision and experts in the Amazon world.

Our Mission

100% Committed To Your Success. no Client Left Behind

If  you abide by our Core Values & Beliefs, you can’t fail. We won’t let you.

Sure, you’ll have your ups and downs (just like we’ve had and will continue
to have in the future), but unrecoverable failure is simply not an option.

No client of ours will ever be left behind! But this promise is contingent upon one thing…

…that our clients abide by our Core Values.

Fast forward, we now have an insanely HUGE TEAM and more and more clients looking to our team to FULLY RUN AND AUTOMATE their e-Commerce businesses! We specialize in obtaining and then maximizing the 'buy box'.

From your first product, up to the potential of thousands and thousands more that will eventually grow and accumulate in your store. I’m constantly looking for the newest methods to tweak to make our service the ABSOLUTE best service out there.

I’ve even gone as far as becoming a client of other services in the past, HA! I just pretend to know nothing and ask as many questions as I can.

Trying to see if there is any stone I have left unturned. I’m proud of our team and the first class opportunity that we have to offer.

What are you waiting for?
Let’s fire up your very own passive income based business!


  • Love, protect and respect your customers.
  • Never complain. Never.
  • Remain unusually calm in all circumstances.
  • Pursue mastery…not merely success.
  • Commit and figure it out
  • Celebrate your victories and live the good life.

Now I don’t know about you, but I want to be associated with business leaders who share these Values.

I want to know that if I screw up, there’s a group of people who have my back.

And so that is why Ecom Automation Gurus exists.

And that’s what makes Ecom Automation Gurus different.

If you’re inspired by this challenge, then I’m glad you’re here.

Welcome to Ecom Automation Gurus!

Founder, Ecom Automation Gurus!

Opportunities don't happen. You create them,
so let's Create Them Together!

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