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frequently asked business funding questions:

  • Lines of creditare ideal for anybody who wants to borrow between $50-250K in working capital.Every application is unique, but strongest qualifying factors are:1) 700+ FICO,2) No Bankruptcy3) No Tax Liens4) Less than 4 inquiries
  • Benefits: No income verification (stated income), does not report on personal credit report,funds in as quickly as 72 hours, no restrictions on how funds are used. You only pay on what you use. If you are approved for $250K in credit lines, but only use $50K of it, you only pay interest and payments on the amount you use, not the total amount you are qualified for.Rates and funding fees range by candidate between 8% – 25% depending on each scenario. There is never a fee charged until loan terms are accepted and funded.
  • Term Loans are ideal for anybody who wants to borrow up to $350K or more in capital all at once.Every application is unique, but strongest qualifying factors are:1) 680+ FICO score2) No Bankruptcy3) No Tax Liens4) Less than 4 inquiries5) at least $40,000 verifiable income on past 2 years 1040, W2 and/or pay stubs.This program may report on personal credit as an installment loan. The full amount is borrowed up front, and fixed monthly payments are made each month for an agreed term.Real results – Be the next success story!

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