May 9

012 From High School Teacher to CEO

Kirk Cooper, the founder of Ecom Automation Gurus, is on How Winners Win.

After long days of teaching, that often led into the evenings coaching, he didn’t get to spend the time he wanted with his family. Let alone he was having to make furniture or work school events to make a little extra money. In his own words: “I just felt like I was caught up in the rat race! I was tired of trading so much of my time for an hourly dollar value. I was trading time for money…” Sound familiar?

In the spring of 2016, he learned about the opportunities of making money on Amazon. Day after day, he would burn the midnight oil learning, strategizing, and perfecting the art of selling online. He struck gold when his amazon store started making $45-50k a month! (BTW, he made his first million while still teaching high school and coaching track).

He was so successful at ecommerce that he worked himself into a corner. Realizing that the business depended on him “being there” to fulfill orders and handle customer service, he created systems and put automations in place that would allow his business to efficiently grow and scale even more. Thus, EComAutomation Gurus was born!

“Life Is All About Choices, I had two options at this point: Suck it up and continue to limit my income by the set amount of hours in the day… or stop listening to people who have never done what I wanted to do… A-ha!” –Kirk Cooper

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